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Museum Projects
信息来源: 房山世界地质公园 发布日期: 2014-05-26

During the four years under review, Fangshan Global Geopark made continuous efforts to develop its museum network.


(1)   The Fangshan Global Geopark Museum was upgraded and renovated. The total renovated area was 5,800 m2 . We completed re-layout works in the main hall, basement gallery, mineral gallery and construction story exhibition.


(2)   We improved the geopark’s data archive (for internal users), library (for external users), academic conference rooms and e-classrooms.


(3)   We completed the new Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site Museum (New Museum) in the Zhoukoudian Geo-Region, and rearranged the display layout of both the old and new museums.


(4)   We upgraded and renovated the Shidu Geo-Region Museum and Shenglian Peak Geo-Region Showcase.


(5)   We constructed two new galleries in the Baihuashan-Baicaopan Geo-Region; added one new gallery in the Shangfangshan-Yunju Temple Geo-Region and one new gallery in the Shihua Cave Geo-Region, and completed the display layout for four galleries.


(6)   We re-developed a 500m2 exhibition hall in the Baishi Peak Geo-Region.