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Here is Chinas geological work begins the earliest (in 1867), is the regional geology of the first monograph in China - "xishan geology", the first 1:50000 topographic maps -- the birthplace of "Beijing xishan geological map", is one of the "yanshan movement" naming, once out of a number of famous scientists, has produced thousands of (), research achievements, the geological research of early, to cultivate scientists, not the kui is a "cradle of Chinese geological workers". Here in several aspects such as human, quaternary, karst has high scientific research value and aesthetic value.


Declaration (road)

       Since 2002, the ministry of land and resources and relevant geologists experts have repeatedly suggested fangshan district to create a world geological park.

In October 2004, fangshan district tourism bureau hired UNESCO world geological park judges Zhao Xun comrade presided over the well overall declare world geological park for the feasibility of concrete, compiled a feasibility report.In March 2005, a researcher at the Chinese academy of geological Chen Anze 112 experts and scholars such as well geological park construction for workshops, and puts forward with joint to the Beijing municipal government jointly create China well in the world geological park in hebei province. Beijing mayor wang qishan, Beijings then government made special instructions on comrade Chen Anze proposal, clearly put forward to build the Chinese well world geological park.


To undertake the fangshan district on June 19, 2005 China tourism geological and geological park academic conference, the ministry of land and resources and geological experts to create China work well the world geological park dedicated to further discussion and argument. Government, laishui county, hebei province government, LaiYuanXian government specially sent a letter to the Beijing municipal government, fangshan district government requires joint declaration, the Beijing municipal government, fangshan district government reply respectively, agreed to joint declaration.

Approved by the Beijing municipal peoples government, hebei peoples government to declare, on October 16, 2005 after the meeting, through domestic experts recommended by the ministry of land and resources formally put forward to the UN declaration of China well in the world geological park.

On May 9, 2006-11, has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization experts investigation group experts to China well in the world geological park gave high evaluation.

On September 17, 2006 in the second session of the world geological park conference, China well in the world geological park formally approved by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization and approved.


(fangshan district as a whole)


Fangshan district is located in the southwest of Beijing, a total area of 2019 square kilometers, the mountains, hills and plains each one-third. Has 28 villages and towns, streets, regional offices, 462 administrative villages, 120 community residents committees; The permanent population of 912000, a population of 767000 people.


According to the overall urban planning of Beijing fangshan district is endowed with "hub, scenic and cultural city, southwest of the capital friendly industrial district", both capital city development zone and ecological conservation development area.

An obvious advantages of fangshan district. And Beijing mentougou district, fengtai, daxing district, and zhu chau border city, laishui county cities and counties in hebei province, is one of the important nodes contact jing ji, is the south to north, merchants gathered in the region since ancient times. In jingguang, Beijing, 107 national highway, 108 national road, highway, more than six circuits such as railway and main road, rail transit line well,Rail transit line well, quick access to downtown Beijing road etc. Several direct are construction, seat of the district government award and is only 20 km away from downtown, the traffic is very convenient. Well is important energy channels in the capital, such as natural gas, liquefied gas and fuel oil more than 30 oil pipelines, 56 km route of south-to-north water transfer project district.


 Well as the cultural heritage. Well has a long history and numerous historic sites, there are about 302 cultural relics in this district, including 1 world cultural heritage, national cultural protection units 6, 15 in municipal, district-level 47, especially in zhoukoudian Peking man site, coloured glaze hexi Zhou Yan all site, a batch of important cultural relics such as buddhist holy land YunJuSi is famous in the world, formed a unique and brilliant history and culture corridor. Well of the humanities ceremony, strategist zhong joy yi of the warring states period, the famous poet jia dao in tang dynasty, yuan dynasty great artist Gao Kegong historical and cultural celebrities have left many cultural relics here.


Well beautiful hills and water, hole YouLin xiu, ShiDu, Shi Huadong, ShangFangShan famous scenic spot, the baihua, etc, is a leisure vacation destination for tourists at home and abroad. Here, people can explore nature change, enjoy the beautiful scenery, browsing history picture scroll, enjoy the modern civilization.


Well as the development of broad prospects. Standing at a new historical starting point, closely around construction of fangshan district "humanistic Beijing, science and technology Beijing, green Beijing", active docking the demand of the construction of the world city, determine the unswervingly follow a new path of urbanization, accelerate the construction of "two axis, three belts, five parks" development pattern,Promote the building of "three districts" strategic blueprint. "Two axis" namely the beijing-shijiazhuang expressway development axis and award, yan room group cable development axis. "Three zones", namely the eastern development belt, development belt in central and western mountainous area development belt. Eastern development belt is the beijing-shijiazhuang expressway, east, west of yongding river regions, focusing on the planning and construction of new city demonstration area, makes the city cutting-edge developments; Development belt in central namely beijing-shijiazhuang expressway west plains, yan house group as the core, radiation to drive the surrounding areas, forming the central city of cluster; Mountain west development belt, with two long trench town, hebei town municipal tourism distribution town as the backing, the key to build leisure clubs, cultural creativity and other high-end industries,To light the breakthrough development overall development in the mountainous area. "Five park" the Beijing petrochemical new materials science and technology industry base, DouDian shopping area in the modern manufacturing industry base, the central (CSD), China well world geological park and urban modern agriculture demonstration zone five key functional areas.


In this new way of thinking, under the lead of well development has entered a new stage of rapid development, the overall strength of regional economy. Construction of key functional areas make a breakthrough, a batch of major industrial projects began to fall to the ground, to enhance the regional economic development. The rapid urban development, award and yan room two groups go hand in hand in new cities, Han Cunhe town, the town of DouDian, coloured glaze river town, long town, hebei town municipal key towns such as developing rapidly. The