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The 5th Pavilion
信息来源:  房山世界地质公园 发布日期: 2010-05-01

Physical specimen hall

These rocks, minerals and specimens, ornamental stones contain rich earth information, record the evolutionary history of the earth.

First of all we see is the rock series, rock is a natural output has certain structure of mineral aggregate, it constitute the upper part of the earth (the earths crust and upper mantle), in the earths crust has certain occurrence. Rock according to the causes can be divided into three types of sedimentary rocks, magmatic rocks and metamorphic rocks.


Sedimentary rock is under the condition of the surface layer of the earths crust, the weathering of rocks, biological effect, chemical action, and the product of some kind of volcanism, after handling, deposit formed into a layer of loose sediments, and consolidation of rock. We see the rock sequence is made up of old new, is one of the oldest in the proterozoic, and then the neoproterozoic, the Paleozoic, Mesozoic.

Magmatic rocks is also called the igneous rock, is the magma in the underground or surface after cooling condenses the rock. Magmatic rocks is the main rock of the earths crust, up to 16 km from the ground to the place, the volume of igneous rock is almost 95%. Magmatic rocks according to the site of formed in the earths crust divided into two categories, intrusive rocks and volcanic rocks. Volcanic rock, was formed by volcanic action of rock. Intrusive rocks are liquid.


  Metamorphic rocks are formed by the metamorphism of rocks. Under the condition of metamorphism, make already exists in the crust rocks (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rock and have previously formed) becomes a new mineral composition and structure and tectonic characteristics of metamorphic rocks. Exhibition of metamorphic rocks including regional metamorphic rocks and thermal contact metamorphic rocks.

Now we see is a mineral series. Minerals are formed by the geological process of natural simple substance or compound. They have relatively fixed chemical composition, also has certain internal structure and solid. They are, in a stable range of physical and chemical conditions, is the basic unit of rocks and ores. Mineral samples including black metal (magnetite), non-ferrous metals (malachite and azurite, sphalerite.

    Here we see is a series of ornamental stones, ornamental stones is aesthetic, collection, research value and artistic quality, appreciation of natural stone products. China has a long history of stone, "stone" is the core of China the mini-sculpture thought.

(white marble mining phantom imaging)

Well white marble stone nest for its excellent hard texture, the quality of the white and smooth, the solemn grandeur of famous Chinese and foreign style, reputation, and is unanimously recognized experts at home and abroad, known as "number one" in China, and ranked the first of the "China famous stone".



Well as the white marble stone pit mining, processing and has a long history and old. Imperial commodities, such as the world-famous Beijing the imperial palace, the temple foundation stone to longfeng relief, from huabiao sundial to yunlong imperial way, choose the fang shan magmatic rock nest white marble, after more than 400 years still shows its elegant royal style. After the founding of new China, and shows the unique style of white marble, the top ten architecture in Beijing have nine chose white marble, chairman MAO memorial hall, monument to the peoples heroes columns plate base embossing, flag tiananmen square base and the great hall of the people XiangGangTing, AoMenTing and diaoyutai state guesthouse of decorative stone, stone and stone carving art are used from the fang shan magmatic rock socket. Huabiao expo of yunnan province in recent years, the return of the lotus base.