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信息来源: 房山世界地质公园 发布日期: 2010-05-01

We are now entering the world geological park at home and abroad exhibition hall, you and I together at home and abroad to understand the relevant knowledge of geological parks and world geological park.

(what is a geological park)

What is a geological park? Geological park is a special geological scientific significance, rare natural property, higher aesthetic ornamental value, and has a certain size and distribution of the geological relic landscape as the main body, and the integration of other natural landscape and human landscape, constitute a unique natural area. Not only provide people with high grade science sightseeing tourism, vacation, leisure, healthcare facilities, cultural recreation, and the focus of the geological relic landscape and ecological environment conservation, geological scientific research and popularization of the base.

(the main purpose of the establish geological park)

Establish a geological park there are three: the main purpose of the protection of geological relics, popularize knowledge of learning, to develop tourism to promote local economic development.

(what is the geological relics)

Geological park to protect the geological relics? It is in the evolution of the earth long geological history, because of various internal and external dynamic geological process, formation, development and the legacy of precious and nonrenewable geological heritage site. The product of these geological processes is non-renewable, is human to path to learn about the history of the earth in 4.6 billion, is the only source of process of the change of the earths precious information.

The number and distribution) of (world geological park

Until the end of April 2010, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization to support the world geological park network (GGN) a total of 64 members, except China has 22 other 42 distribution in 19 countries, including:

Asia: 5

Europe: 35

South America: 1

Oceania: 1

We see on earth is the place around the world geological park, can see the world geological park is our country most.

Now we can click in the middle of the table to know their interest all over the world geological park, or watch we are playing outside the domestic other short film world geological park.