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The 3rd Pavilion
信息来源: 房山世界地质公园 发布日期: 2010-05-01

We enter the third exhibition hall, eight park will introduce the landscape and formation mechanism of geological relics.

ShiDu park

ShiDu park, situated in the southwest of fangshan district across ShiDu, Zhang Fang two town, with a total area of 313.68 km2, tectonics and erosion in north China is a typical karst landscape development zone, with north Chinas largest karst peak cluster canyon. The peaks rise steeply Wan Ren plexus, karst cave of strange shape, different types of sedimentary structure and various river landscape garden colorful landscape of geological remains. Water around castle peak, people in the picture. The beautiful scenery is known as "green spots, thyme gallery".



This is the bat mountain, named after the deep yamagata resembles "bat". In this spectacular ShiDu park tectonic erosion peak cluster can be seen everywhere, such as the bijia mountain in front of me. Constitute the landscape of rock is formed in proterozoic in the 1.2 billion - year - old flint zebra dolomite, nut brittle rock under the action of tectonic development of grand nearly vertical joints. In about 2.6 million years ago, in temperate semi-arid sub-humid climate, crustal uplift rapidly, strong erosion cutting refuse landmark and its tributaries water system, thus forming a typical of northern China in the industrial park tectonic erosion karst landform.


(sedimentary strata)

We can clearly see the mountain in the rocks are close to the horizontal layered rock. Intermediate range contains the length of the siliceous stripe, size different siliceous concretion and stromatolite, tempestite, the cause of them is different.

(siliceous stripe)

In about 1.2 billion years ago, our area, is a vast sea, the sea water contains calcium carbonate and magnesium and a certain amount of silica (SiO2), in the quiet environment, sedimentary formation dolomite precipitation of calcium carbonate and magnesium constantly, silica also gathered a band or irregular lenticular deposition, and the sedimentary formation siliceous zebra dolomite.


(siliceous tuberculosis)

Silica in the sea water gathered a crumb deposits, but the sea is often volatile, when encountered in the process of silica in consolidation crust shakes, consolidation or semi-solid silica were broken and separated into one block. These blocks are winnowed adequately, be rounded edges and corners, by the late sedimentary carbonate cementation, "Shi Zhongshi" weve seen in the park, and have not been fully winnowed deposit be late sedimentary carbonate cementation, the formation of irregular lumps of siliceous

Rock. (storm)

The storm rock here is after silica into layered deposits, at that time, bad weather, ocean storm surge, sea water disturbance violently broken consolidation or semi-solid state of silica, the scattered, the scattered debris were late sedimentary carbonate cementation, formed the outcropped in the port of the west lake "storm". Storm rock as the typical hummocky cross-bedding.

Seven crossing the anticline) (structure - the sight,

Affected by the type of yanshan intracontinental orogeny, the park has formed a series of fold and fracture structure.

Here is the sight, is flowing water along the rock formations in the development of extensional fractures formed under running water and weathering.

Here are seven crossing the anticline, anticline and syncline is a kind of fold structure. Fold is planar geological body under stress is to present a or a series of geological body bending deformation.


(river geomorphology - from piled mountain)

From landmark stands in karst peak across, jiuqu eighteen bend. From landmark in through the scenic XiShi door village, due to the effect of sectional bending straightening of the river, formed the shape of an oxbow abandoned old channel and mount a horseshoe from the heap.


Stromatolite, refers to biological function by algae and fungi and deposition of inorganic influence each other and form a kind of biological sedimentary structure body, often into concentric laminated body, so the name "stromatolite.


Shi Huadong - silver fox hole in the park

Shi Huadong - silver fox hole park, located in the town of fangshan district in hebei province and the Buddha village township within the boundaries, area of 36.5 km2. Park by Shi Huadong, silver fox wind hole, hole, hole in tang dynasty and pore water tunnel of five karst cave scenic area, a total of more than 30 a size of the karst caves in the formation of the fang shan magmatic rock river in ordovician limestone - 4.9-450 million. Shi Huadong is in northern China and the world temperate semi-arid, semi-humid region large typical representative of karst caves, known as "the pearl of Beijing underground, karst cave hall of art".

Shi Huadong is multilayer ramose floor type body piercing structure, consists of seven layers, cave deposits the CLS much appearance, elegant beautiful wonders, sediment, a total of five different types of more than 40 form contains almost all chemical sedimentary types in karst caves and morphology, brings together the essence of karst cave deposits, enter Shi Huadong as came to a karst natural art gallery. Micro hole in the stalagmite bedding recorded since 665 BC - 1985 AD 2650 Beijing summer temperature year by year, so called "thermometer" in one thousand.


Milk Shi Jieshao (month)

Shi Huadong in milk is the most typical underwater sedimentary rock, on the composition of milk stone mainly cheese shaped calcite, is relatively cold climate in the caves under the conditions of special chemical sediment, generate about 3.2-22000, equivalent to the late late pleistocene. Shi Huadong month milk stone in 1982 found that for the first time in the country and the largest number of development, the best nurse stone research provides a good place for months.


(silver fox hole)

Silver fox hole is a spectacle in the park, there are nearly 800 m long tunnel, the clear blue water, long hole gallery, the bottom of the underground river. Hole to deposit the miniature landscape of rich and colorful, especially by calcite crystal formation of the "hangs silver fox", Lao it about 2 m, connect body surface of about two inches long as white as snow burr, tightly tied, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, silvery white, unique, for the first time found that is "the national treasure", silver fox is formed by the common drip and splash water deposition.


Zhoukoudian area

Zhoukoudian park, located in the town of fangshan district zhoukoudian, covers an area of 25.52 km2. Zhoukoudian site system excavated since 1927, has the academic value of the fossil sites found 27, is the worlds only through three stages of ancient human remains. Here in the long history of the years, inhabited the "Peking man", from 70-500000 to 20 to 100000 years ago "XinDongRen", to 4.2 38500 years ago "rural hole", "why cavemen" 3-10000 years ago, is a set of geological study in-depth and achievements of early, study of substantial, more than the integration of scientific research, popular science education, teaching base, known as "the cradle of Chinese geological workers".


Zhoukoudian site "Peking man" is one of the cradles of human civilization, in 1987 by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization included in the "world cultural heritage" list. This suggests that the zhoukoudian Peking man site not only belongs to China,