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Fangshan Global Geopark of China is located in Xishan(Western Mountains) area, where is the convergence of Taihang Mountains and Yanshan Mountains on the edge of North China Plain. The Geopark strides across Fangshan District of Beijing, Laishui County and Laiyuan County of Hebei Province; the geographical coordinates: 114°36ˊ48〞~116°08ˊ16〞E, and 39°09ˊ57〞~39°43ˊ08〞N. The total area is 1045

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Bulletin: ·Fangshan the world geological park to participate in the pro    
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·Bayannaoer Geopark Visited Fangshan Global Geopark…2015-6-9
·GGN Bureau Member Visited Fangshan Global Geopark …2015-6-1
·UNESCO experts start their revalidation mission to…2014-7-22
·Arrival of UNESCO revalidation evaluators2014-7-21
·Series live broadcast of Welcome to Fangshan Globa…2014-5-27
·symposium of protection, research and utilization …2014-5-20
·Guy•Martini attended the opening ceremony of…2014-5-18
Geopark Zones  scenic spots
Zhoukoudian Shihua Cave
Shidu Shangfangshan-Yunju
Shenglianshan Baihuashan-Baicaopan
Yesanpo Baishishan
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Fangshan Global Geopark of China
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  The slope scale
  Music Festival 2
  Music Festival
  Mist Qing Yun Feng - Li Anli perturbation
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