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Kunpeng gorge
信息来源: 中国房山世界地质公园 发布日期: 2016-03-19


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Total length of 2500 meters, the highest peak "kunpeng peak 1360 meters above

sea level, because of its similar to spread your wings and kunpeng the name.

Canyon all as the natural landscape, valley, mountain, forest, springs,

waterfalls. Canyon forest coverage rate of 85%, spring and summer especially in

the large lilac. In full bloom, not only the valley full of flowers and

fragrance can float to miles away. Kunpeng gorge in around the springs of water,

such as road 13 tam, tianhe waterfalls water features such as more than forty.

Hanged the tianhe waterfalls from hundreds of meters high, all the way form the

tianhe pond, samsung pond, even the star pool, gold wing pool...